Assessment of the work experience of your employees from a 360° approach


Our roadmap for a successful employee survey consists of 3 stages:

Step 1

First, your employees complete our questionnaire. This is not mandatory. It involves an assessment of the engagement, satisfaction and well-being at work. Each member of the workforce receives a personal link to the online survey environment. The completion time ranges between 15 and 20 minutes per survey for about 120 closed and open questions.

Step 2

The answers are then analysed and our McMe consultants formulate findings and conclusions on which the recommendations are built. The results come in the shape of user-friendly dashboards. Tangible action points to promote the engagement, satisfaction and well-being of your workforce are proposed. The advanced automation makes the turnaround time for interviewing the employees and for providing online reporting very short. Generally, the results are available only 1 week after closing the survey.

Step 3

Finally, the results and the action plan are communicated to all stakeholders in a transparent way. You will receive two reports: One for the HR department and senior management with a strength-weakness analysis from the perspective of your workforce and a second one exclusively reserved for the prevention advisor with a full risk analysis in accordance with the Belgian law on psychosocial risk analysis.