Tips to boost employee satisfaction, engagement and well-being


Engagement is the result of a challenging job, a stimulating working environment and a strong collaboration between colleagues.


The most important driving force behind satisfaction, engagement, commitment, ... are the people management skills of the team leader.


Engaged employees are not there for the money, they are there because they feel involved with their team, their customers and the organization.


From the perspective of employees, the industry benchmarks are of little relevance.
Perception and how they feel is much more important.


Since people have a tendency to compare themselves to their colleagues, internal fairness is extremely important.


Stress as a problem is frequently overestimated.


Far more attention should be paid to strengths and opportunities when reporting and discussing employee surveys.


Sharing findings with employees is a great way to demonstrate that they are recognized as a key stakeholder.


Response rates of 80% and higher are indispensable for looking beyond averages and zooming in on teams and groups.


Buy-in from senior & middle management is a most important prerequisite for a successful employee survey.

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