Engaged employees contribute to a higher level of customer satisfaction

Measuring engagement: what insights are acquired?

Why do some organizations succeed better than others in establishing a culture of high engagement among their employees? Based on our 360° employee surveys, we gain insights into the intensity of your employees' involvement, what drives it and how this can be further fuelled. In this module we focus on the following topics:

  • The degree of personal involvement
  • The level of involvement with the team and the organisation
  • Insights into the underlying drivers and employer branding
  • The impact on service quality, individual well-being and professional satisfaction

What is the advantage of this module for your organization?

Engaged employees are making a world of difference:

  1. Engaged employees exceed what is expected of them.
  2. Customers get better quality and more service.
  3. Employees experience more job satisfaction.

What are the dimensions explored in this module?

The results of the survey on engagement will translate into three pillars. Namely Attributes, Drivers and Profits

Important drivers are:

  • An open and transparent communications culture.
  • Managers who involve and value their people.
  • Team leaders who set clear directions and let the group function as a team, where colleagues support each other.
  • A job that challenges people and encourages them to develop their skills.
  • Training and coaching to acquire new competences and develop their skills.
  • Having the personal ability and flexibility to combine professional and personal responsibilities.


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Based on the results of this module, we will seek concrete actions to raise the level of involvement of your organization to a higher level.