Large organizations compete better through personalized employee engagement

Our purpose and deliverables

Identify economic gains of employee engagement.

Deep insights

Obtain deep and detailed insights into engagement levels of employees throughout your organization.

Strategic connections

We directly link employee engagement to improvements in product and service quality, customer loyalty, employee retention and profitability. Discover how a team transforms and strengthens your business results in the short and long term.

Measuring & improving your employer brand

Measure and track how employees assess and value your organization as an employer brand.

SWOT analysis

Pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to further strengthen HR engagement strategy.


Access online analytics and reporting tools.


View detailed results directly using McME's easy-to-use online dashboard environment.


Perform in-depth analysis at various levels-from company to individual functions and from national operations to specific teams-with just a few clicks.


Generate relevant and timely reports for line managers to evaluate results and discuss with their co-workers.


Benchmark employee engagement and track it over time throughout your organization using online tools.

Case Study: "Rapid

Supporting international growth and employee engagement at an IT services company

An IT company has grown rapidly into 12 countries. McME services are further tailored to address each business entity. The client's key metric of employee satisfaction and loyalty continues to increase worldwide. Management is committed to keep employees engaged, culturally dedicated, and increasingly productive.


Directly analyze detailed results

Online analysis and reporting tool

Drilling down on data
Analyze specific groups by applying filters configured for your organization
Understanding differences
Select groups, departments, teams. Directly compare them on all variables
Sensing the (de)motivators
Anonymized comments from participants provide insights behind the scores
Creating slide decks on-the-go
Directly save interesting analyses into a presentation. Export to PowerPoint

The way we operate

Implement with tailor-made assistance and advice.


Adapt questions and sequences to the profile and response behavior of respondents; e.g. language, terminology, (open) follow-up questions.


Gain management support through organization-wide analysis with conclusions and recommendations.

Tools & interpretation

Enable training of HR business partners to use online tools and how to interpret dashboards.

Making connections

Survey data can be enriched to include employee turnover, absence, productivity, ... to make the economic benefits of engagement measurable.

'Through customization and in-depth analyses we strengthen the core of your organization and bring every detail of employee engagement to light.'

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McME organizes our satisfaction survey on a recurring basis, providing a clear and objective picture of our overall organization as well as our different units - all at the same time.
Communication is fluid between our HR department and McME, and we also appreciate the McME team's prompt and full responses.
We value working with McME because of the user-friendly side of their software, the possibility of personalizing the answers, and the personal contact.
It's very helpful how McME's survey is tailored completely to the client's needs. Timings are respected and promises are met.
McME also assists to involve our employees by keeping everyone well informed and by sharing insight into the outcomes.
McME's analysis of the main sources of risk contributes real added value. We detect improved productivity as a result of addressing the drivers of risk such as employment conditions, workplace health and safety, the organization and content of the work, and labor relations.

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