HR Compiance psychosocial well-being & prevention at work

Our purpose and deliverables

Obtain independent advice on workplace well-being

Independent analysis

Obtain objective analysis, independent advice and bias-free results regarding workplace well-being.


Identify and understand the "blind spots" within your organization that affect psychosocial well-being.


Achieve complete compliance with legally required psychosocial and well-being risk assessments.


Expand surveys to address psychological safety, ergonomics, telework and career growth, among other topics.

Case Study: "Belgian

Support prevention policies and compliance with legislation

A Belgian subsidiary of a large manufacturing company wants to examine the well-being and ergonomics of its employees. McME ensures the organization complies with legislation while also feeding its prevention policy with actionable data.


Balance workplace issues while providing safety


Identify surveyed problems and uncover potential blind spots to reinforce safe, healthy work environments.


Acquire clear and timely insights into underlying causes of employee dissatisfaction and demotivation.

Recognizing risks

Recognize risks as well as protective factors that drive how employees feel valued, respected and supported.

Analysis of the results

Assess results to detect fault lines in employee skills, experience and contribution to your organization.

The way we operate

Act with instant feedback and assistance

Hands-on tips

Enable employees to receive tips and relevant information in real time while completing their survey.

Support for reports

Upgrade support for employees reporting problems, including personal consultation with a person of trust.

Proactive approach

Take targeted preventive actions toward coping issues, burnout risk and undesirable behavior, among others.

Prevention Policy

Empower HR managers with health and safety bodies such as CPPT/CPBW to improve preventive policies.


We benefit from McME's personal, impartial and professional approach.
The McME methodology allows us to benchmark our results from different angles.
McME has incredible knowledge. They care about the details and how to deal with them. Their attitude: composed, respectful, no stress.
McME provides easy-to-use software and it functions smoothly with just a few simple instructions.
I get excellent service and good advice from McME. Importantly, it makes the results of the survey actionable.
McME consultants are listening, adapting, and taking interest in the specifics of my department. The various possibilities to adapt reporting is also a plus. Thank you for this collaboration.

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