Employers compete better through personalized employee engagement

Customized solutions for each organization

Small and medium-sized organizations

  • Boost employee engagement for growth and profitability

  • Implement turnkey solutions

  • Lead stress-free processes

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Large Organizations

  • Identify economic gains of employee engagement

  • Access online analytics and reporting tools

  • Implement with tailor-made assistance and advice

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HR Compliance

  • Obtain independent advice on workplace well-being

  • Balance workplace issues while providing safety

  • Act with instant feedback and assistance

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Why our clients choose McME

Proven track record

McME validated across industries and in small-, medium- and large-sized organizations over more than a decade

Loyal, satisfied clients

McME scores 9/10 among recurring users as we combine science and consulting to accurately mirror each organization's welfare

Proprietary HR knowhow

McME multi-disciplinary team with proprietary and user-friendly methods and tools for actionability and measurable results


More than 50,000 McME surveys in total completed across sectors


Picture of Patrick Deroost

Patrick Deroost

Senior Consultant