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McMe provides a 360° picture of how your employees experience and perceive your organization as an employer

  • For which groups is there a risk of burn-out?
  • In which groups are there problems with undesirable behaviour and harassment?
  • How can we manage this better? By means of which protective and risk factors?
  • How does the workforce perceive its employer on the universal facets of working life?
  • How do they compare their employer with other organizations where they could possibly work?
  • How does that compare to industry averages?
  • How engaged is your workforce?
  • What drives this engagement?
  • How can its intensity be further enhanced?
Positive and motivating
Relevant and actionable
Double benchmark

What makes McME unique?

With more than 10 years of experience, McMe delivers meaningful and actionable insights into the satisfaction, engagement and well-being of your personnel.
Our questionnaires are very user-friendly so that everyone can complete them quickly and efficiently. When analysing, a lot of attention goes to those aspects that are assessed as positive and motivating so that there is just as much attention for the strengths and opportunities as there is for the weaknesses and threats. The results are benchmarked from different perspectives. In addition to the conventional comparison with industry averages, 'uniqueness' is also taken into account. This is how the people themselves compare their employer with other organisations where they could be working. Our recommendations are both specific and actionable. The online reporting environment allows you to make your own analyses and generate reports in an efficient and easy to use way. We are also happy to assist with the communication of the results to the different stakeholders: management team, board of directors, works council, staff, ...

Reporting tool

This video provides a brief overview of our user-friendly reporting tool. Step by step, we explain how you can view and analyse online all the results of your personnel survey.

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The McME model, tools and services have demonstrated their qualities across industries, in small, medium-sized and large organizations.

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