Satisfied employees are more productive

Measuring employee satisfaction: what insights are obtained?

We analyse job satisfaction against a double benchmark. The internal benchmark shows whether or not employees believe they could improve themselves in another organization and in what areas. The external benchmark compares the scores of your organization with the average industry scores. The employee satisfaction module allows us to provide answers to the following questions: 

  • How does the workforce perceive its employer on the universal aspects of work?
  • How do they compare their employer with other organizations where they could possibly work?
  • How does that compare to industry averages?

How will your organization benefit from this module?

Analysing job satisfaction against this double benchmark has proven its usefulness in three areas:

  1. CEOs and HR managers can better benchmark their organization by taking into account not only the objective industry average, but also the perception of employees.
  2. The strengths and weaknesses of the organization are no longer based solely on staff satisfaction but also on competitiveness.
  3. It is an important building block of engagement and employer branding. Uniqueness, for example, is a good predictor of loyalty but also of intention to leave. When employees think that another employer would do better in many respects, they are also more likely to effectively leave their current job.

What are the dimensions investigated in the module on job satisfaction?

On the basis of 34 variables and 7 dimensions, satisfaction with the current employment situation is mapped:

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